My 2D and 3D renderings, photos, and 3D text-and-image animation tutorials, and our vacation blog:

Wine country in Douro Valley, Portugal

Camouflaged cat – a feral cat in Greece

fawn under tourist placard

This was taken in Montana at the Pictograph Cave State Park near Billings.

This is the church, in Pierce, Colorado, near Ft. Collins, that I pastor.

My ministry webpage is at: Buzz’s Church.

A dwelling in Costa Rica

A house in Mata De Limon in Costa Rica.

Renewed and old in Panama City

There is a major effort in Panama City to restore older buildings.  The one on the left has been restored.  The one on the right is just an empty facade.

More doors in Panama City

Doorways in Panama City

Bush in Costa Rica

A flower in Costa Rica

Sloths in preserve in Costa Rica

Graffiti in Panama City

Flowers in Panama City

I have not over-saturated the colors here – this is what they look like.

Iguana in Panama

Lizard in Costa Rica

Saw this in Manuel Antonio State Park in Costa Rica.

Capuchin monkey

This is a Capuchin monkey from Manuel Antonio State Park in Costa Rica.

Christmas decorations, Boulder

These are the Christmas decorations for at the downtown walking mall in Boulder, CO.

Walden Ponds, near Boulder

The Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg

Sunset over Baltic Sea

Off the bridge of a yatch.

Natural suburban habitat

Who says that suburban development has no respect for natural habitats?

TIbetin Monastery in India

The Namdroling monastery is in southern India, not far from Mysore.

Pink and blue sky

In front of our house:

The Library of Hadrian

This was taken in Athens.

chicken coop: Caribou Ranch, Colorado

This is circa 1900.

fall colors: Caribou Ranch, Colorado

This was taken at about 8,300 feet.

Turkey: The Ruins of Ephesus

A feral camouflaged cat…

Turkey: Ortaköy Mosque

On the Bosphorus Strait

Behind our house in Boulder, Colorado – HDR

Here is an HDR doctored version of a previous posting…

Behind our house in Boulder, Colorado


Rocky Mountain National Park, Front Range, Colorado

On a foggy hike.

Cliff dwellings

Dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo people, Mesa Verde, CO.

Mesa Verde CO

This is the result of the 2002 wildfire in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (photo taken 2017).

Silverton to Durango, Colorado

A restored coal-powered train from the 1800’s, from Silverton to Durango, elevation 10,000 ft.

This is a test of using word…

As a blogging client…


And this is 600 pound elk on a miniature golf course.



The coast of Valparaiso.


The banner image for this site is of Santorini, one of the Greek Islands


Emphasis, the city to which Paul wrote one of his letters.


A mosaic in the archaeological museum of Delos.


Isabelle took this one.


Athens is covered with graffiti.  Most of it is just crude vandalism, but there are artists out there, too…


Jared Katzman took this one when we were in Chamundi Hill.


A piece of the ceiling of the Hagia Sophia, the ancient church in Istanbul, which has been used as a mosque.



Martina took this one on a medical trip.


This is our boat off of a Greek island.


A mosaic in the archaeological museum of Delos.